ONE PIECE 982 updates on the serious state of a character

Continue the arch of Wanokuni with the third act. Straw hat pirates set foot on the island of Onigashima and, as was to be expected, difficulties do not struggle to present themselves. But the worst state is certainly that of another character shown in chapter 982 of ONE PIECE.

Obviously we are talking about Momonosuke Kozuki. The heir to the Wanokuni shogunate is already some chapter in the clutches of Kanjuro Kurozumi, the traitor who for years has spilled the secrets of Oden to Orochi. After being transported to Onigashima, Momonosuke had found a knife with which he thought he would free himself.

The chapter 982 of ONE PIECE confirms, however, that his escape attempt went wrong: when Kanjuro arrived at the court of Orochi and Kaido, the boy had been brutally beaten and beaten because he had tried to cut the ropes and escape. For this reason, he is now in such a bad state that he cannot even move.

As if that wasn't enough, there are other nefarious plans for him: Orochi can't stand the sight of members of the Kozuki clan and, remembering that that boy is the general of the enemy forces, order a crucifixion as done for Yasuie. If Luffy and the others fail to arrive on time, we will see a bad new death in ONE PIECE.

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