As the fan art dedicated to Eevee of Pokemon goes on, we report on the installation of new works focusing on the famous saga that was born out of Satoshi Tajiri in the streets of Tokyo.

In December 2018 in the Kagoshima Prefecture The first manholes dedicated to the protagonists of Pokemon were installed. Over the months the phenomenon has spread and in the last few days the Pokefuta, as these special manholes are called, have also arrived in Tokyo. The six manholes were installed in Serigaya Park in the city of Matsuya, which is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Tokyo. At the bottom of the news you will find a picture that shows us the six Pokefuta, all inspired by the first generation and among the most popular fans of the famous saga. The installation took place on August 21st and brought the number of Manholes with representations of Pokemon present throughout Japan.

In the meantime, the episodes of the new season are the cartoonIf you haven't already done so, we'd like to bring your attention to the latest trailer for Pokemon Explorations, the saga now in episode 34, or if you're looking for other fan art dedicated to the work of Satoshi Tajiri, here's a drawing, that shows us the connection between coaches and pokemon.

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