There are various clashes in the world of ONE PIECE currently active. Eiichiro Oda focuses on Egghead, with the vegapunk question still lingering, especially with the sensational reveal of the traitor, but in the meantime there are battles that will shape the world between Blackbeard and Shanks and beyond.

The ONE-PIECE 1079 spoiler They are sensational and focus on one of them.

  • The Chapter 1079 of ONE PIECE is titled "The Pirates of the Red Emperor".;
  • The mini-adventure dedicated to Germa 66 has ended, now we return to the requests of the fans;
  • York learns that the World Government has betrayed them and orders the Seraphim to kill all but the main body of Vegapunk.
  • There are other things dedicated to York in the chapter as well;
  • A ship flying the Blackbeard flag is seen near Egghead Island.
  • The scene changes to Elbaf;
  • There are Kid VS Shanks;
  • Shanks uses the Kamusari and defeats the child;
  • Dory and Brogy destroy Kid's ship;
  • Kid's crew submits and hands over the copies of the poneglyphs;
  • At the end of the chapter, the narrator's note states: "Child pirates were exterminated";

Eustass Kid did not seek revenge on Shanks' crew for the arm lost in the past, on the contrary, he lost everything from the crew to the Poneglyphs he had collected and gave them to one of his direct rivals. Also, for now, we'll have to wait before we get more information on why ONE PIECE will be on hiatus next week and consequently it will not return until the second Sunday of April, skipping the release of 2 and going straight to 9. Did you expect such developments for this chapter of ONE PIECE?

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