The final lines of the Egghead saga prove to be full of details that could prove pivotal to the final arc of ONE PIECE. In addition to Dr. Vegapunk, determined to move away from its labs alongside Mugiwara, there is another character determined to achieve his goal: Jewelry Bonney.

Over the past few chapters, Oda has revealed that Bonney, one of the eleven long-known supernovas in the Sabaody Archipelago, is real Daughter of former revolutionary and member of the Fleet of Seven, Bartholomew Bear. Therefore, given the correlation between Vegapunk and Kuma due to the experiments on the creation of the Pacifistas supplied by the Navy, the girl immediately tried to find out more about her father and extorted information from the scientist.

When the gigantic, now robotic Kuma scrambles to reach his daughter on the other side of the world, Bonney finally seems close to uncovering the truth behind his death and what led to the founding of the Pacifistas. Hear the words of Dr. Vegapunk at, namely that his father He died for a "good" reasonBonney agrees to face the harsh reality as much as it might hurt her, literally.

In fact, Vegapunk Kuma has promised not to tell Bonney and to keep it under wraps his memories and his pain in a wing of the laboratory. However, the girl is stubborn and, despite the scientist's warnings, approaches the Sphere of Pain, ready to learn the truth about Kuma's story. How do you think the situation will develop? What do you think will be revealed? Expand your theories in the comments.

Finally, we remind you that a curious theory about Jewelry Bonney has already appeared on the Internet and we leave you with the divine animations achieved in Episode 1048 of ONE PIECE

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