Due to the many breaks Weekly Shonen Jump takes during the Christmas and New Year period, the wait has been long. However, the weeks off are almost over: he's back this weekend ONE PIECE, Eiichiro Oda's record-breaking manga, and will return with his classic publishing routine. Obviously there are already previews.

the ONE-PIECE 1072 spoiler Few leaked on the net so far, but well detailed and make you understand the gist of the chapter.

  • Chapter 1072 of ONE PIECE is titled "The Weight of Memories";
  • In the mini-cover adventure dedicated to MADS, there are Queen, Judge and Caesar creating objects;
  • A flashback begins where there is one Vegapunk explains the power of Kuma Bartholomew;
  • Kuma's fruits allow him to turn non-physical objects into physical objects, or what he did for example with Luffy's pain which he then put into Zoro a Thriller Bark;
  • More specifically, Kuma can materialize signals sent by the nervous system, such as pain, thoughts, and even memories;
  • Vegapunk wanted to help him in his experiment and materialize Kuma's memories to understand the weight of memories;
  • Kaku uses the awakening of his devil fruit and fight the swordsman;
  • However, Zoro remains stronger and overpowers him;
  • That will be revealed Stussy is actually a clone of a former member of the Rocks crew;
  • To be precise, the character's name is Miss Buckingham Stussy;

Not only given information solidifies the connection between Vegapunk and Kuma, one of the most mysterious in the ONE PIECE manga so far.

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