Reservation! This review about CHAINSAW Chapter three contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend you watch it and then come back to read the review.

CHAINSAW MAN chapter three

Episode 03. Whereabouts of Nyako

CHAINSAW MAN Chapter three begins with a little scolding from Makima. Although everything seems to indicate that Denji is unable to get along with Power, the two strike a mutually beneficial agreement. Power wants to get his cat back, so he needs to defeat a certain demon, in exchange for Denji's help, she lets him grope her. However, it was all a trap, the Bat Demon is recovering with Denji's blood and still doesn't fulfill its deal with Power. As he heads into town to look for more victims, he doesn't realize that Denji has been clinging to him. Transformed into the chainsaw demon, Denji fights the bat demon and manages to finish him off.

CHAINSAW MAN chapter three

A business for mutual benefit

Power's abilities have been demonstrated, but power doesn't equal utility, at least not within Devil Hunters. Power's cooperation couldn't be worse, Denji's normal life could be in jeopardy. But all is not lost, the demon girl is not entirely hopeless, and despite her hatred of humans and demons, she seems to have a bit of respect for other creatures like cats. Wanting to save her cat, she forms an unexpected alliance with Denji. Not because he cares about the cat, but because Power has very conveniently managed to grant Denji's deepest wish. The deal is simple, he will save the cat and she will be fondled, a very fair price no doubt.

Well, not all that glitters is gold, and despite Denji's good instincts, he ended up falling into a trap. While it was true that a demon had Power's cat, she never trusted Denji to help her get her back, rather it was part of the deal the girl had with the demon. Unfortunately, the girl's expectations were disappointed because the demon didn't fulfill his part of the deal. While Power couldn't sympathize with Denji, he kinda did in the end upon seeing his nyako being lost. At that moment he could understand how it must have been for Denji not being able to pet Pochita anymore, something similar happened later to the young man. Seeing Power's fragility reminded him of himself once losing Pochita.

While the boob groping deal was still a priority, we can't deny that there was another added motivation in this fight.

the power of a name

It turned out that the special team formed by Makima several interested in the progress of these "dogs" in training. While it's still difficult to understand Makima's motivations, at least we can make it clear that she's no fool and knows exactly what she's betting on. His conversation with Aki revealed two things to us, firstly the fact that a demon's power is closely related to its name. As long as the name can inspire fear, the demon's power will be greater. That's one of the main reasons why Makima has his interest in Denji, or rather the chainsaw demon. The powers that you can develop and awaken from now on must be considered, so you must pay attention to them.

The second thing we can take away from talking about Makima and Aki is that the latter has a softer personality than we initially imagined. While he doesn't stop criticizing Denji and still doesn't accept that he's part of the Devil Hunters, it seems increasingly obvious that it's not a sense of rejection that leads to this. Rather, it seems that Aki harbors some concern for those like Denji, who venture into a life that will lead to their deaths sooner rather than later. This belief is based on the young man's lack of motivations as well as his innocence, which he has shown by accepting that he might want to befriend demons. All of these are just red flags for Aki.

It is clear that demons are creatures not to be taken lightly. But that doesn't mean there isn't anyone willing to take advantage of them when the opportunity arises.

Final comment

CHAINSAW Chapter three was a very entertaining episode. While the previous episodes played with the script in a sort of prologue and introduction, this third episode has taken a nudge to go from less to more. He made the most of those 23 minutes and while I can't say the animation is perfect, it was pretty good. After the fight in the first episode, many of us were excited to see the chainsaw demon back in action, and no doubt he put on a show worth the wait. Maybe my only problem is the soundtrack used, it's not that it was bad but personally I expected a bit more.

Speaking of the soundtrack, the third ending was a success. This mix of styles gives him a kind of closeness to the work. Because at any moment we can expect a change in rhythm without it meaning that it has stopped harmonizing. The art isn't far behind, the use of color and framing was a visual treat. "Hawatari-2-oku Centi”, played by Maximum the Hormone, is registered as a potential opponent for the best ending of the 12 that this series will present to us.

As far as the review goes, I'll leave the usual questions: What do you think of this chapter? What's a fair deal for breast groping? Humans, demons or animals, what would you choose? Since the name confers power, which demon do you think will be the most powerful?

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