The golden knights are the strongest warriors in Athena's service. Those who react to the constellations of the zodiac manage to wear this armor, which gives the classic bronze knights unimaginable powers. And for that, they were the focus of several sagas The Zodiac Knights.

Starting with Mu of Aries, let's see who is the sixth golden warrior in the service of Athena. Shaka of Virgo is the Virgo sign fighter and is one of the strongest warriors among the Knights of the Zodiac. Of Indian descent but with long blond hair, he is considered to be both extremely composed and extremely strong, and for this reason he is considered to be one of the people closest to the plane of divinity.

Like the other Gold Knights, he was persuaded to stop the Bronze Knights who came to Athena's aid. In the sixth house, he fights Ikki the Phoenix, with the two taking advantage of their strongest punches. But Ikki's suicide bombing forces Shaka to transport everyone to another dimension, ending the fight in a draw.

Come back like the others during the Hades saga, where he faces various enemies including Saga, Aquarius, and Shura, but this one-on-three confrontation put him in a difficult position. He then attempts to clear the path to Elysium by sacrificing himself, but is stopped by Dohko of Libra. Only when all twelve knights are reunited can he fulfill his role by opening the portal.

It is possible to review the adventures of Saint Seiya on Anime Generation and also the clashes between the protagonists and the golden knights in the famous saga of the twelve houses.

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