Rob Lucci has long since given up the black of the CP9, the government organization that faced Monkey D. Luffy and his crew in the Battle of Enie's Lobby many years ago. However, the government soldier remained alive and well and therefore he is again in ONE PIECE with an even more important new role.

Vegapunk wanted energy for everyone so he could rescue the world from energy crises. A very altruistic will that, however, clashed with reality: in order to achieve its goal, it was necessary to find out something more about the empty century, which the world government does not want. And that's precisely because of his research Vegapunk put a big goal on his back himself, the CP0 moved under the direction of Rob Lucci. The group now ambushed Sentomaru and silenced him, causing chaos.

In ONE PIECE 1070, Luffy will react to the blow Sentomaru received. But the most unpredictable thing will be understanding how both the Straw Hat crew and the Seraphim, who seem to be the epicenter of this battle, will react. Right now - considering Hancock's Seraphim left to help Jinbe and Chopper - the three employed Seraphim can no longer take orders from Sentomaru, so CP0 would temporarily become their new master.

The intervention of the strongest pirates in the crew will be necessary, including Sanji and Zoro, who are far away at the moment. In fact, Luffy isn't exactly capable of handling the shockwave of an awakened Lucci alone plus three Seraphim plus Kaku and Stussy, even in Gear Fifth. The chapter is really going to be unpredictable, not to mention it's there to also account for the arrival of Kizaru. Is the international crisis in sight?

ONE PIECE 1070 returns to Manga Plus for Christmas. Namely, the next release is scheduled for December 25, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. on the well-known western manga platform.

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