The bracket devoted to the formation of the Ghost Brigade was short. Few chapters, only three, but all very intense and showing the moment of remembrance of the founding members of this crime group Hunter X Hunter. But once this phase is over, we return to the present with the pressing question about the black whale ship.

Feitan, Phinks and Nobunaga of the Ghost Brigade are still searching for the Heil-Ly family hideout, but have come across Hinrigh Biganduffno of Xi-Yu. Together they decided to set about finding the enemies of this stage of Hunter x Hunter. At the moment, the group has split into two sections: one made up of Nobunaga and Hinrigh, who voluntarily jumped into the rival family's trap, and another made up of Phinks and Feitan, who instead follow the signal of the transmitter of the first two.

Hunter x Hunter 399 will most likely continue in the spirit of research the enemy family. The room that Nobunaga and Hinrigh opened appears to be completely empty, but the fact remains that it could be a trap. However, it must be said that the various members of the Heil-Ly family have given up a hideout and as a result this area may no longer be active, leading the search to a dead end. In the meantime, however, you also have to understand how the other characters, who are completely unpredictable from this point of view, move. Kurapika is offside at the moment, but it will be interesting to understand what situation Hisoka and Quoll Lucifer are in.

Hunter x Hunter 399 will be released on Manga Plus on December 18, 2022 at 4:00 p.m and it will probably be one of the last chapters before a new break.

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