In My Hero Academia, a special connection was formed between Toga and Twice. For years, the two had seemed much closer than the other members of the League of Villain. This relationship developed due to very difficult moments for both of them, especially during the war with the Revolutionary Army and the war against heroes.

The high point was the Twice dead in the hands of Hawks, who not only gifted Himiko Toga with the dangerous blood of his friend and colleague, but also instilled in the girl a grudge against heroes second to none. And that was the trigger for Toga's much theorized Sad Man's Parade, which has been anticipated in My Hero Academia for some time. The Blood of Twice works and there will be a way to taste its power on all battlefields. But all is not lost.

If Twice's clones proliferate, that doesn't necessarily mean they will do so indefinitely. The intervention of Uraraka and Asui in My Hero Academia 376 could have a positive impact for heroes. In fact, the only hope is that Toga will be noticed and decide to fight face-to-face with the young heroine, who desperately needs to beat her. This would cause all other clones to disappear before their time, leading to the end of My Hero Academia's Clone War. A result that will be far from easy to achieve, however, and in the meantime, the Twice could deal a lot of damage to heroes during skirmish transitions.

My Hero Academia 376 will be released on Manga Plus on December 18, 2022 in English and Spanish.

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