The mysteries of ONE PIECE are moving towards their resolution. As the final manga saga begins, Eiichiro Oda is forced to pull the strings and answer some questions that have plagued manga readers for years, if not decades. And one of these questions could be solved thanks Egghead's latest events.

Thanks to ONE PIECE 1061, we know that the crew was in Egghead, the island of the future owned by the world government and run by Vegapunk, the notorious scientist and inventor who enabled the Navy to obtain extremely advanced technology. So far, the scientist has always been considered a man, old and aged à la Einstein, and his speech also seemed to reflect this status.

However the The ONE PIECE 1061 cliffhanger revealed a young girl claiming to be Vegapunk. The shock was great for everyone, but various details can be determined. First, Vegapunk's silhouette has appeared in the past, as has his male voice. Also on the suit is a Vega 02, which 02 could mean a new body that the scientist entered.

In this way he will be able to live forever and given his research and technological prowess this is not a theory to be ruled out. You think Vegapunk will reveal its secrets? And will we solve the mystery of ONE PIECE's Devil's Fruits with him?

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