Far from the shores of the Land of Wa, the Mugiwara now jut to Laugh Tale and lo ONE PIECE, but the turmoil shaking the New World could become major obstacles to their crossing. There seems to be a new problem between the Cross Guild and the reactions of the Navy, thanks to the Emperor of Flames.

Saboa close friend of Luffy, is one of the greatest figures in the Revolutionary Army and committed a crime that actually struck Monkey D. Dragon, leader of the rebel group. News of the death of Nefertari Cobra, ruler of the kingdom of Alabasta, on the fourth day of the Reverie awakens Concern for the nobility and the world governmentand eventually foments unrest in eight nations, where the rebels clamor in support of the exploits of the Emperor of Flames.

In the final tables of chapter 1058, just after Dragon promises to clash with Sabo over King Cobra's assassination, Koala, an officer in the Revolutionary Army, receives a mysterious call through the Snailspeaker. This is the Emperor of Flame, and it seems whatever he has to say to his ally will be heard by the Navy. It is possible Beginning of a heavy attack by the group of revolutionariesin which Sabo will play a central role.

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