Kaido, Big Mom, Whitebeard and Shanks the Red have ruled the seas for several years. The first three in particular, all members of Rocks D. Xebec's old crew, were the oldest and therefore the most enduring. Whitebeard went to Marineford and during the ONE PIECE time skip he was Blackbeard should take its place.

However, the earthquake that brought the Onigashima War to the world of ONE PIECE has truly unpredictable consequences. The world was stunned News from Morgans. His seagulls went to all the newspapers with the news that Kaido and Big Mom had been defeated and that the two older generation giants had given way to two new pirates.

In ONE PIECE 1053 the era of the new four emperors begins, who still see Blackbeard and Shanks the Red among their ranks, but Big Mom and Kaido have been replaced. The first name to occupy the box is that of Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of ONE PIECE and now a great shot of the seas. The second place was instead surprisingly taken by Buggy the Clown, a former member of the Fleet of Seven and now a free pirate.

THE New balances in the world of One Piece They are extremely sensitive right now and cannot be taken for granted in the future.

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