It took Eiichiro Oda a long time to heal as best as possible Onigashima Warwhich featured the Pirate Samurai Mink Alliance and the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts of Kaido plus Big Mom. Luffy and the others were finally able to win, so the fight of ONE PIECE ended with dead but also winners between the protagonists.

Now the curtain rises on a new era that begins with a cover and color pages dedicated to ONE PIECE: RED and ONE PIECE: ODISSEY, the two new projects dedicated to the pirate world. After these special pages ONE PIECE 1053 leaves again with the Five Stars of Wisdom, who demonstrate their disappointment and anger at the published photo of Luffy. Elsewhere, Morgans reveals that he doesn't want to censor the news and the page switches to Bounties from Luffy, Law, and Kidd, all from Berry's 3 billion but with Luffy in Gear Fifth format.

Ryokugyu has arrived on Samurai Island and uses his abilities to suck life energy from the king and queen and other prisoners in Udon. Then he decides to go to the capital of flowers, where the party is taking place. Kid goes there too, angry about a newspaper statement, with the aim of killing Luffy. However, the Straw Hat Captain celebrates and after the fireworks, the new ONE PIECE Yonkos are discovered. Luffy is one of them along with Shanks, Blackbeard and Buggy.

now ONE PIECE will be on hiatus for a monthreturning with Chapter 1054 in late July.

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