The approach of the Japanese theatrical release of Dragon Ball Super: Superheroand the film's release on June 11, 2022 generated a lot of interest in the storyline and production behind the franchise's all-3D project. Master Akira Toriyama answered many of the most frequently asked questions.

They have already emerged from the promotional material circulating on the web numerous responses from the Senseibut thanks to the work of two enthusiasts, namely DBSuperFrance and @Herms98, the interview published in the brochure given to all viewers of the film in Japan has been fully translated.

In the posts you will find below you will find both the images of the original text and the edited English translation. In addition to many of the topics already covered, such as forgetting the full title of the film and repeating Super or a secret about it Physiognomy of the NameksToriyama also revealed important and significant backgrounds.

Due to his direct involvement in the project, the author was able to attend a screening session that has not yet ended, but the film was able to convince him. "I don't know anything about cinema, so I don't understand how they did it, but it looks like the result of enormous amount of time and effort" as Toriyama commented, acknowledging the incredible care given to even the less important characters.

The teacher later admitted that he wanted to "Change the scale of things and bring them back to a simpler path, with a daily routine shaped by the lives of the characters, then faced with a crisis and evolving into a grand struggle." Then follow the reflections on the roles of Gohan and Piccolo and reflections on the Namek's past, leaving room for Toriyama's approach to character and location design.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Master talked aboutincredible work by director Kodamaand the creative process behind villains Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

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