One of the most moving aspects of My hero academia is the tender relationship between number one hero All Might and his heir Izuku Midoriya. However, not only were there emotional moments between them, but also a lot of funny scenes. One of these came to life in a surreal cosplay.

My Hero Academia has become one of the most popular Shonen in recent years because it manages to combine spectacular battles with exciting and funny situations. To pay homage to the work of Kohei Horikoshi, a fan decided to create a fun, but at the same time scary cosplay.

On his Instagram profile, the user Scaredy_Cat_Cosplayers recreated a funny scene in which Izuku Midoriya perfectly mimics his mentor's face. All Might was Deku's role model, which made him a point of reference both in daily life and in the role of hero. Since childhood, One For All's heir has spent his days imitating his model, and even after entering Yuei High School, that quality has not left him.

The scene recreated in the cosplay is from the episode of the anime in which Deku tries to convince Sir Nighteye to let him join his agency. Before he can team up with All Might's former buddy, however, Midoriya must try to make him laugh. To make him laugh, Deku shows the irreverent and perfect imitation by All Might. If you liked this imitation then you shouldn't miss this sexy cosplay from My Hero Academia. Let's relive the best moments from My Hero Academia while we wait for the fifth animated series.

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C γ‚Œ γ‚’ 食 べ て πŸ˜ƒ - CURSED DEKU RETURNS CURSED DELU RETURNS! I wanted to repeat deku all night for a hot second and I'm so happy to have to do it again. I said it in 2019 but I really want to bring this version of deku to my next con, it's just so damn it and I love it, let me know your thoughts on this EPIC cosplay in the comments below! - {Please credit me if you post again✨} - - - Character: "Eat this" Izuku Midoriya Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia Cosplayer: @scaredy_cat_cosplays Deku Wig: @lemailcosplaywigs - - - - - - - - - {tags:} #deku #bnha #cosplayer #bokunoheroacedemia #britishcosplayer #allmightdeku #izukumidoriyacosplay #midoriyacosplay #cosplay #dekucosplay #bnhacosplay #ukcosplay #allmightcosplay #myheroacademiacosplay #dekucosplayer #midoriyaizuku #bnhacosplayer # c0splay #midoriyaizukucosplay #myheroacademia #mha #britishcosplayer #mhacosplay # c0splayer #cosplayersofinstagram #ukcosplayer #izukumidoriya #allmight #eatthis

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