The ceaseless battle of Onigashima also continues ONE PIECE 1042. Thanks to the words of Otama, who turned the Gifters into allies, the Mugiwara managed to overthrow the forces in the field. However, victory is still a long way off.

The episode continues the battle between monsters that began in ONE PIECE 1041. On the one hand, Franky tries by all means to get rid of Tobiroppo Sasaki, who has been transformed into a man-beast, on the other hand Yamato challenges his father Kaidoboth in their mythological form.

Franky's attacks seem to be completely ineffective, Sasaki gets up with every punch. The Mugiwara carpenter therefore decides to retire, but only to prepare his best shot. misled Sasaki is shot from behind and defeated.

However, at the top of Onigashima, Yamato continues to profess his belief in oden. Instead, Kaido tries in vain to persuade his son to rule Wano alone. The clash is then inevitable, with the Yonko revealing the fruits in his son's possession. Yamato ate them Fruit Inu Inu mythological model Okuchi no Makami. Will Yamato be able to hold out until Luffy comes back?

Eventually, the focus shifts to Brook and Nico Robin, shrouded in a mysterious mist. Suddenly his mother Olvia appears before Robin, the giant Saurus and the archaeologist Clover, who bring back memories of what happened in Ohara before the Bustercall. However, the pirate archaeologist realizes that she has fallen into an illusion and, after a loud and moving laugh in ONE PIECE 1042, uses her power to break free. The release of ONE PIECE 1043 will draw Brook into the same vein.

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