Self Jujutsu Kaisen has quickly established itself as one of the best Shonen of the moment, part of the credit is also due to the extraordinary cast of protagonists. Among them, the fascinating, mysterious and powerful Satoru Gojo is undoubtedly the most popular. But who or what is this character inspired by?

Although all are protagonists of the opera characterized in an excellent wayThe one who stood out the most was the strongest of the jujutsu tech teachers, Satoru Gojo. In a recent interview, author Gege Akutami revealed the inspiration behind the blindfolded wizard.

At first glance, precisely because of the blindfold that covers part of his face, one could say that very well Gojo is inspired by Kakashi Hatake, Master of Team 7 in Naruto. But it's not just the blindfold that makes us say this. Just like the ninja copier, Gojo is also the mentor of the protagonists and one of the strongest characters in the entire work. In addition, both protagonists are humorous moments.

Apparently, however, Kakashi is not the source of inspiration for Satoru Gojo. In a recent interview, Akutami came across the Details for inspiration the character of giving an answer that is not at all trivial. ""I wanted to create a very strong character that was easy to distinguish"Well, no imitation, just Gojo had to be recognized at first sight as the most powerful protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. We would say that the mangaka fully achieved its goal.

This is how Gojo sees Jujutsu Kaisen despite being blindfolded. A fun jujutsu kaisen cosplay turns Satoru Gojo into an adorable kitten.

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