One of the main protagonists of the opera recently made his official debut in the animated series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations. After an initial meeting with Team 7, which is anything but friendly, Kawaki arrives at the Leaf Village.

After battling a dangerous organizational outsider Kara who had a deep connection to his past, Kawaki is about to arrive in KonohaAs can be seen from the summaries of episodes 192 and 193 of the anime posted on Twitter by user Abdul_S17.

Episode number 192, titled "The Past," will focus on the following Kawaki's traumatic past and his relationship with Kara's leader Jigen. ""Kawaki is passed out and is taken to Konoha Village by Naruto. However, while he is still unconscious, a childhood nightmare continues to haunt him. Kawaki was struggling to survive after being badly beaten by his father, but suddenly a man appeared before him. That person was Jigen, Kara's leader. This encounter caused Kawaki even more sufferingThe episode will air on March 28th on Crunchyroll.

In the next episode, the 193rd, the five Kage will decide the fate of Kawaki. ""Kawaki is a mysterious boy, called the Vessel of Karma, with the Karma Seal stamped on the palm of his hand. The five Kages decide what to do with him. Your oversight will officially be given to Konoha and in particular the Seventh Hokage. Naruto greets Kawaki at the house, but he doesn't open up to him or even reveal his real name. Facing Boruto, Kawaki begins an argument that further exacerbates the heavy atmosphereThe episode titled "Cohabitation" will be out on April 4th.

Meanwhile, Team 7 has just started its first S-grade mission in Boruto. The community is enthusiastic about a promotional image of Boruto 189.

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