The battle between the magical knights of the Kingdom of Klee and the dark triad of the Kingdom of Swords comes to an end, as does the animated series by Black clover, made a sensational stop even though it was at its highest point. Episode 170 of the anime shows viewers the consequences of the confrontation and gives clues to the future.

The latest episodes of Black Clover gave viewers a 'exciting multi-pronged battle. While the powerful wizards of the Golden Dawn were instantly overwhelmed by Zenon Zogratis, the Kingdom of the Heart and the Black Taurus fought with the remaining two members of the Dark Triad to the end of their strength.

Intended kidnap Princess LolopechkaVanica Zogratis competed against Mimosa Vermilion and Noelle Silva, who briefly managed to assert themselves with the new form of Valkyries armor.

The Black Bull, on the other hand, faced the most powerful member of the triad, namely Dante. Lucifer could only oppose the devil's army Captain Yami Sukehirobeing helped by Asta, dealt him a hard blow with his most powerful technique. Even so, Dante seemed invincible and was fulfilling his dark mission.

They are watched in the recap of episode 170, which will bring the anime to a close the consequences of the struggle. ""Due to the spell used by Nacht, the devil has emerged who gave Asta his power. To rule his power, Asta must fight and defeat the devil. Suddenly the protagonist does something crazy".

""Meanwhile, Yuno, Noelle and the others try to get even more power to take revenge on the Dark Triad. To save Yami and everyone who was taken away, and to save the world from the threat of devils, a new story begins".

We remind you once again that the episode titled "Distant Future" will mark him Stop the animated series. The manga, however, continues. Here are the spoilers and pictures for Black Clover 284.

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