there War of my hero academia season 6 it has now become hell for the company of heroes. If at first it seemed to the heroes that they managed to surprise their enemies and deal fatal blows, a single moment changed the tide of the battle. Shigaraki's awakening put the villains in the spotlight.

From the moment Tomura Shigaraki opened his eyes again, Hero Society began a rapid decline. Not only brought the villain death and destruction in its vicinity, but also allowed his allies to fight back. In Gunga, the Supernatural Liberation Front actually managed to defend themselves against the onslaught of heroes thanks to the actions of Dabi and Gigantomachia. Creatie's trick in My Hero Academia 6x08 seems to have failed and Machia has resumed his run to his master.

Back in Jaku, in My Hero Academia 6x09 we see Eraserhead sever his leg so as not to lose his Quirk forever. Shigaraki also reacted to this bold gesture, which drew another attack injured Professor Aizawa in the eye. Without Deku's intervention, Eraserhead would have died at Tomura's hands.

Without Eraserhead's Erasure Quirk, Tomura can now reach his full potential. However, Midoriya notes that this is exactly what happened to him when he received One For All's body Tomura still can't handle the weight of All For One. So Deku has a few minutes to finish off his opponent.

The Quirk of the Seventh awakened, the Float, Deku engages in a solo dogfight with the villain. However, the numerous smash don't seem to have any effect as Shigaraki's regeneration takes over. At this point, Kacchan intervenes with the help of Endeavor and Shoto.

When Endeavor hires Tomura, the villain's body gives way to All For One. He, who knows his Quirk perfectly, stabs Number One and Bakugo, who has intervened, in a single moment Save friend Deku.

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