After the special episode dedicated to the 5 of the new generation of ONE PIECE, the series continues to adapt the events of the saga of the Land of Wa. The Battle of Onigashima has reached a point of no return: become the samurai Kaido and Can beat Big Mom?

Defeated by Kaido and fallen by Onigashima, in ONE PIECE 1036 Luffy drowns in the waters of Wano. Meanwhile, the castle is moving toward the mainland. At the news of Straw Hat's defeat, the samurai fall into despair. The same happens with Chopper, who now succumbs to Queen and Perospero. However, Sanji, who is carrying Zoro, and Marco come to his aid.

Meanwhile, Kaido had reached the room where Momonosuke was taking refuge. So that Oden's son may escape unharmed, Kin'emon decides to face the Emperor and sacrifice himself. After reminiscing about her best moments with the boy, she dies at Kaido's hands. What will happen in ONE PIECE 1037? Before we find out, let us remind you that today is the expected date for the ONE PIECE special message.

Momonosuke used Bao Huang's communications to let everyone know that Luffy is indeed alive and that everyone must continue fighting on his behalf. However, Momonosuke is lying. Is there any real hope of fighting the two Yonkos? The only hope is that someone will dive into the sea to save Luffy. ONE PIECE 1037 will be released on Crunchyroll on October 23, 2022.

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