Vigilante: My hero Academia Illegals is slowly coming to an end and chapter 95 has indicated what the fate of the protagonist Koichi Haimawari aka The Crawler might look like. The vigilante has fought illegally for a long time, but right now his future doesn't look very bright.

Throughout his adventure, The Crawler has always operated outside the law, using orthodox methods to fight criminals without a Pro Hero license. In the last chapter, however It turns out that the police have decided to take serious actionIssued an arrest warrant to end Naruhata vigilante activities. On the last pages of the chapter, the officer discusses Sansa Tamakawa with Detective Tsukauchi, and they both agree on what to do and state that "the vigilante can only be seen as a solution when the institutions fail". The crawler has thus become a fully-fledged wanted one.

For his part, Koichi is still shaken by what happened to Pop-Step, who was always forced into a hospital bed because of the queen bee attack. The protagonist therefore never appeared in the main series His heroic career may actually end before the split endswith or without police intervention.

We remind you of this Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals is a sequel to the main seriesBecause of this, some characters, including Midnight and Eraserhead, display an entirely different personality. In Italy the series is distributed by Star Comics, who have published the first 9 volumes so far.

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