It is the turn of the ONE PIECE Stars. Little by little, Eiichiro Oda cleared the battlefield of minor clashes and dealt with the most important ones. With the Spoilers from ONE PIECE 1022 the strongest enter the scene.

the Chapter 1022 of ONE PIECE it will be called “The Entrance of the Stars”. On the cover, some members of the Tontatta tribe are playing hide and seek with some frogs in some bushes. The chapter begins with a new update of the Narrator’s Onigashima War, which explains how the numerical difference between the two factions is thinned out. Let’s look at the map of Onigashima with the location of all defeated Tobi Roppos. Onigashima can also be seen in flight, with the capital of flowers now nearby. There are 15 minutes left before the island arrives in town.

Luffy screams full of energy, puffy from the food he ate. Instead on the island of Kaido, Raizou and Fukurokuju fight on the third floor. Raizou creates clones while the Oniwabanshuu can control his earlobes to fight and use them as whips. Raizou’s clones won’t be enough and the ninja will be hit. The two give a speech in which Raizou mentions how they all died on the day of Oden’s execution and what Fukurojuku sees only as being driven by his own feelings. Kaido and Orochi’s night comes to an end while we also see the other Red Sheaths: Kinemon, Kiku and Ashura are lying on the ground, the others are running or fighting.

Also on the third floor of Onigashima, Killer and Hawkins fight. Killer’s attacks fail as Hawkins appears to have saved many lives. Laughing, Hawkins says he doesn’t have many, but the problem is which ones are left. On the second floor, Law and Kid face Big Mom, but suddenly Child falls to the ground with a chest wound. It returns to the third floor with Hawkins confirming that he owns the Kid’s life and therefore cannot be killed by Killer.

On the central stage, the king and queen work together to defeat everyone on the floor. The area is on fire, Marco has reached the limit and can no longer stop it. Sanji tried to fight them but was thrown away. Sanji yells at Chopper and Miyagi to get Zoro and take him away if the drug fails, but the doctor replies that it may take some time for it to work. Sanji returns to the fight and hits Queen in the face. King goes to Zoro. Perospero is still in the room, aiming at Sanji. However, the attack is interrupted by Nekomamushi, who throws Big Mom’s commander away.

Chopper, Miyagi and Tristan run away with Zoro, but King appears and blocks them. King creates a ball of fire with his hands and attacks Chopper and the others with the “Andon” attack. Marco appears and blocks King’s attack with his “Fushi Azami”. Marco explains the origins of the King’s Race, a breed that lived on the Red Barrier and could conjure fire with their hands. Queen enters the scene and says he is tired and will kill Marco. Then he prepares with a laser beam while King prepares his attack. But Marco says his part is over and lets the stars into the scene.

Zoro’s bandage tears, Chopper is shocked. Zoro uses the three-sword style: Rengoku Onigiri, Sanji uses the Diable Mouton Shot: Together, Luffy’s two officers finish Chapter 1022 of ONE PIECE with an extraordinary double attack on the queen and king. The two are convinced If they win this battle, Luffy will become the pirate king.

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