Naruto was a long-time admirer of Sakura, the series' female protagonist and a member of Team 7, but she was in love with Sasuke. Meanwhile, the blonde ninja protagonist hadn't realized that there was a character who was very interested in him. Actually from the beginning Hinata was in love with Naruto.

Over time, the two grew closer, albeit in very small steps. In fact, Hinata has always been way too shy to get close to the boy she loves until he was in great danger. In fact, during the fight with Pain, Hinata put himself at risk for Naruto by explaining her feelings to him, which didn't go unnoticed. Only at the end of the manga and after another hard fight did Naruto accept his feelings.

Let's check that outHinata is fierce but shy in this cosplay Naruto Shippuden Theme. The ninja of the Hyuga clan shows her Byakugan and the arts passed down in her clan thanks to the work of Acky Foxy, who, in addition to being perfectly camouflaged, makes a little use of different graphic effects to recreate some sigils and manifestations present in the manga .

Also here is a Sakura Haruno cosplay in battle and an Ino Yamanaka cosplay.

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