We are almost there, after so many vicissitudes, the most anticipated narrative arc of the Season 5 of My Hero Academia is about to arrive. The anime adaptation is about to leave the society of heroes to fully concentrate on the villain’s faction. Here are Shigaraki and his men in the opening pictures of episode 108!

The Endeavor Agency Arc has hinted at what will happen next: the villains have assembled an army by thousands of criminals and are about to launch their attack. Before witnessing this head-on clash, however, the anime goes back a few months to educate viewers on the Union of Villains’ situation.

Under the pretext of internships, the hero squad trained the next generation in the fight against villains. But just like the would-be heroes, the Union of Villains was preparing for this moment. Shigaraki surrounded himself with new, dangerous allies.

As the first spoiler frames that appeared on the net show, the group around Tomura Shigaraki will make the acquaintance Gigantomachy, Colossus who played the role of All For One’s bodyguard in the past. In addition, the thumbnails show us Redestro, the dangerous leader of the Meta Liberation Army, and Dr. Garaki in his brutal experiments.

We leave you to the key visual of My Villain Academia and the opinion of the voice actor from Shigaraki on the new narrative arc of My Hero Academia.

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