Meanwhile, the battle in Onigashima, which takes place between the samurai-pirate alliance and the crew of Kaido plus Big Mom, is at an advanced stage of the battle. Almost everyone has found their opponents and now they absolutely have to prevail against the other side, as the CP0 Aigis determines. But ONE PIECE 1004 changes the cards a little.

Compared to the previous chapters of ONE PIECE where we saw the collision on the top, this is the Spoiler from ONE PIECE 1004 reveal that this time we will see an overview of everything that is happening on the island.

  • The title of ONE PIECE 1004 is "Kibi Dango".
  • The chapter begins with the Speed ​​Star.
  • Tama was traveling on Speed's ship.
  • It looks like the stars and gifters are eating dangos and becoming allies.
  • Franky VS Sasaki can be seen.
  • Nami uses "Thunderlance Tempo" against Ulti.
  • Usopp throws dango at enemies.
  • Black Maria says something to Sanji about Nico Robin.
  • Bao Huang discovers the location of the red sheath with his skills.
  • King ordered something received from Black Maria.
  • It appears that there are ten people in the area where the Red Foders were brought, and the tenth person is helping them.

However, these are the first spoilers of ONE PIECE 1004 a break for the manga next week.

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