On the official page for the manga by Homura kawamoto and illustrated by Tooru Naomura, Kakegurui ((Kakegurui - Compulsive GamblerThe cover of the fourteenth compilation volume has been unveiled, which will be released on February 22nd in Japan.

Kawamoto and Naomura started publishing the manga through the magazine Gangan Joker from the publisher Square enix The publisher published the twelfth compiled volume in December 2019, followed by the thirteenth in June 2020.

In addition to derivative works such as Kakegurui Twin, Kakegurui Midari, Kakegurui JokerThe piece inspired, among other things, a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios MAPPA, Headed by Yuichiro Hayashi and scripts from Yasuko KobayashiA second season of twelve episodes and the same production team premiered in January 2019.

Kakegurui synopsis

The Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school for the privileged and influential that welcomes the children of business people and politicians. However, unlike other schools, Hyakkaou students are not proud of their academic achievements. Instead, they value strategic skills and the ability to read people. As night falls, many of the on-campus venues transform into student council-overseen gambling centers where players battle for rank, money, and more.

Ryouta Suzui spends his days as a "pet," a student in the bottom hundred who is forced to serve his peers. Her circumstances soon change when a mysterious transfer student, Yumeko Jabami, arrives at the academy. Despite Suzui's warnings, Yumeko quickly dives into the school game scene and takes on several high-profile opponents. His exploits attract the attention of the student council members who meddle in his affairs. Suzui does her best to keep Yumeko out of anger, but much to her chagrin, she turns out to be the most suitable person to support Hyakkaou: a compulsive gambler.

Source: Official Twitter account

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