Many months have passed since Goku and Vegeta ventured onto Cereal for a seemingly simple mission that later turned out to be very energy intensive. The two Saiyan protagonists of Dragon Ball great They crossed paths with Granolah, which then led to a series of fights.

Enemies old and new put aside, Toyotaro paused at the end of the last story arc. However, this stop of Dragon Ball Super will soon end with a new saga that ties in with the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, with Goten and Trunks as protagonists. What happens in the next phase?

The first V-Jump reveal saw a summary of the situation of Goku and Vegeta, who are still on the planet Beerus training in anticipation of a battle with Black Freezer. But after the first page that Official Dragon Ball Super 88 spoilers with all first twelve pages of the chapter, always in draft version.

After the first page has already been shown, there is a double page spread that will most likely be in color, with Goten and Trunks in the middle, in superhero suits, on the left is Dr. Hedo while on the right are Bulma and other characters. In an unfamiliar city, a disguised Goten and Trunks strike poses in the style of the Great Saiyaman while a raid is underway in front of them. Apparently, everything is quickly foiled thanks to the physical abilities of the two half-Saiyajin, who then hide out on a rooftop. Underneath the clean "Clean God's" hero billboard, the two strike a few more poses, and then Goten gets a call from Chi-Chi. The boy undresses and flies away, which is where these first spoiler pages end.

For now the two young people They seem to have taken the place of the Great Saiyamanhow will this Dragon Ball Super saga go for them?

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