Future Trunks has arrived in the current timeline to warn Goku of his heart disease and the impending arrival of the androids. He is one of the most popular characters from Dragon Ball Z. The son of the Saiyan prince is back to save the earth in this very expensive collectible statue.

This 1: 1 scale figure was made by the MRC studio and is 220 cm tall and represents Trunks as he draws his sword, ready to take on Mecha Freeza. This extraordinary collector's item sports its signature purple jacket and details that remain true to its animated counterpart.

The statue comes in two flavors, in which Vegeta's legacy is itself transformed into Super Saiyan and the other where it is in the basic version. The price is 5190 euros or 5390 euros. If you don't have enough space in the house or if you think the price is too high, it comes in two other variants.

The first is a Bust about 90 cm tall, available at a price of 1290 and 1390 euros, while the second is the same statue but in 1: 4 scale, available at a price of 420 euros. If statues are your thing, eight brand new Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops have been revealed, but Gohans is already sold out. All of Majin Buu's evolutions in this Dragon Ball Z resin statue.

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