When you think of Akira Toriyama's masterpiece, one of the most recognizable places is undoubtedly the Kame House, home to the genius of the turtles that we came to appreciate so much. Exactly this place also played a key role in the construction of Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes.

The last animated project related to the series was Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a project that had the honor of bringing back the characters of Gohan and Piccolo. Anyway, recently the film's director/head of computer graphics Kodama texture e Jae Hoon Youngrevealed that the film's first rendered 3D model was that of the Came house.

The genius' house would have been even more detailed and even surrounded by an ocean, although in the feature film it was only visible on a monitor in Red Ribbon's briefing room. Only the Kame house had the role of providing a guide with which to create everything else, even if a scene near the house ended up being left out of the script.

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