Kentaro Miura, the historical author of Berserk. The mangaka's disappearance saddened the whole world, who got to know it thanks to a comic book that made stories and whose themes can still be seen today in video games, comics and much more.

Inevitably, there was also interest in the state of Berserk, which without its creator had many chances of not continuing. In the past few weeks, the magazine Young Animal, from Hakusensha Verlag and in which Kentaro Miura's manga was published, hadn't been too unbalanced about the future of the work, and got stuck with the cliffhanger of Chapter 363, which appeared just under a semester ago.

However, important news has surfaced in the past few hours: Berserk will return in September with Chapter 364. An unexpected novelty that raises several questions about the continuation of the story. That Chapter 364 by Berserk gets a color page and will be released on September 10, 2021 on young animal. In the same issue, the magazine also has a poster with the best scenes from the manga and a booklet entitled "Messages to Kentaro Miura".

The intentions of Hakusensha Publishing are not yet clear, and Chapter 364 may be the intersection of the publication.

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