In Black Clover 372, Ichika has revealed why he hates his older brother and consequently his student so much. However, Asta cannot believe Ryuzen's words, causing his anger a deadly fight.

Sukehiro's criminal past, recounted in Black Clover 342, fails to convince Asta who he defends his captain with drawn sword. Ichika Yami then decides to impose his truth by force. A challenge begins between the two that has nothing left of the training.

in the Black clover 343 Asta must immediately resort to the Devil Union to break Ichika's Yojustu, who proves to be much more adept at using the Zettes. Asta then puts down the katana he received from his captain and draws the Demon Destroyer Sword. However, he is beaten unconscious and charged never be able to become a magic emperor.

When Asta gets back on his feet, he tells Ichika that he can sense his hatred through Ki. However, the girl is hiding something else. Right before the final blow that would have resulted in Asta's death, Ryuya's fight is stopped. However, the Shogun warns that the Land of the Sun has uninvited guests. Sister Lily and two others Paladins are ready to launch their attack.

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