Also the second cour of Spy x Family got the full approval of the audience and achieved great results in the ranking of the most watched. Now focused on the finale that second part of the first season of the anime Spy x Family introduces a new protagonist. Let's discover its secrets.

After meeting the hapless George Glooman on Episode 19 of Spy x Family, the next date with theAdaptation produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks introduces another protagonist.

When Anya visits the hospital where Loid works, we meet a colleague of hers, another undercover agent. Like Twilight, even themAgent Nightfall infiltrated Ostania on behalf of WISE.

Under the codename Nightfall hides theUndercover identity of Fiona Frosta stone-cold woman who only seems to warm to the side of her colleague Twilight, the best spy and her master.

As the voice for Fiona we find the Japanese voice actress Ayane Sakura, who said of the protagonist who played her that she found her fascinating but strange at the same time. In fact, Fiona has a face that doesn't convey any emotions, but hides much more behind this expressionlessness. Fiona's debut for sure it will upset the balance of the Forger family.

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