If there is apparent salvation within the walls, there is only death outside. The giants that have been storming the 50-meter barriers for centuries do not escape any reconnaissance from outside and thus leave the world of The attack of the giants. A world that could be filled with death and devastation, at least for what was initially known.

The story then unfolded as we all know it, with dangers overcome and secrets discovered. There are indeed other countries, other nations, and other peoples outside of humanity within the walls that now bear the name of Eldia. THE Protagonists of the attack of the giants They had to fight at any cost to hold their own in this cruel and ruthless political landscape that would have loved to see them die.

A fight for self-determination and the right to life in which Mikasa Ackerman is at the forefront. In the early seasons of Isayama's anime, there were many devastated villages outside of Wall Rose. This Cosplay by Mikasa Ackerman took her picture in one of them: Behind is a house in ruins, probably due to the passage of the giants and the death they unleashed, while the cosplayer GurrenLEdit wears the clothes of the first reconnaissance division.

While awaiting the final season of the MAPPA anime, mangaka Hajime Isayama reveals some oddities about the beginning of the series.

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