After several chapters with a focus on Deku, the guys from Class 1-A and All Might, finally My Hero Academia 329 bring the readers to the other side of the front. Why did the Crime Lord stay hidden in the shadows and not attack immediately? His real goal is neither One For All nor the Japanese company.

After the Pro Heroes were brought to their knees, All For One and its villain army would have only needed one more attack to completely dominate society. However, the evil king has decided to stay in the shadows by observing the situation while waiting for his protΓ©gΓ© Shigaraki to awaken. In this new appointment with the work of Horikoshi we discover the reason.

Sitting on his throne, surrounded by the Nomu, conjures up All For One Spinner, explain his plan. Staying temporarily hidden, thanks in part to the scuffle that involved the few remaining heroes and the police, was a minor victory for the villain. As already known, the medium-term goal is One For All. At this point Spinner asks, in astonishment at these words, why it is actually not that Ultimate goal, how it should be.

All For One has tried his whole life to direct society to this very moment. All Might had exterminated Japanese criminal organizations, but as far as the rest of the world is concerned, the situation is very different. As revealed in My Hero Academia 328, the international community is currently in crisis Criminal attack on a global scale, every single nation is in chaos. For the King of Evil, this is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the occasion has a very specific name, Star and Stripe, the number one heroine of the United States.

It is not the One For All, the Japanese company or Shigaraki's body that arouses the interest of All For One, but the quirk of Star and stripes, a power that would give him the ability to yoke the entire planet. While the heroine is on her way to Japanese territory and Shigaraki comes before her, a decisive battle lies ahead. We leave you the spoilers for My Hero Academia 330 and a colored artwork from Chapter 329.

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