Based on the mobile video game of the same name, which was developed by the Chinese household software MICA Team, the anime series is from Girl front. Let's go to discover the first details that surfaced on the web, the opening theme of the work, the publishing window and the promotional visual!

It was announced on official social media profiles that the Android and iOS game Girl's Frontline, which is particularly popular in Asian countries, will soon have an anime adaptation. Given the premiere, planned for January 7th on the Tokyo MX and Abema television stations, the Opening theme of the anime, the song "BAD CANDY" from yukaDD.

According to the announcement, Shigeru Ueda will direct the series while Hideyuki Kurata Made in Abyss will oversee the composition and script. The character design is entrusted to Masaki Yamada, the music to Takashi Watanabe. The adaptation of Girl's Frontier is animated by Asahi Productions In favor of Warner Bros. Japan.

The plot of the game takes place in a parallel universe in which, according to a Military accident which has spread a serious disease, human life on earth is at risk. The great nations are the shadows of themselves, the population is reduced to the bones, and much of the earth's surface is uninhabitable. In this dystopian future it joins people T dolls, Disposable androids designed to do dirty jobs.

We're leaving the latest confirmation of the fourth Overlord anime series and the first trailer for The Greatest Demon Lord to you.

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