I am waiting to get back on the path that the manga, the anime series of., Has taken Boruto: Naruto the next generations he is currently venturing into an unpublished saga that will deepen Kawaki's personality. Growing up in loneliness and distrust, the boy enters the world of the ninja, the opposite of his previous way of life.

In Boruto episode 228, Naruto and Shikamaru explain to Kawaki that he has a chance to become one Genin of the leaf villageif he manages to complete a very basic D-rank mission first. Placed next to teams 5 and 15, which are now self-administered as a chunin is in, the boy misses his first two chances.

Kawaki is listless, absent-minded, and disrespectful of commands and teammates, but Naruto gives him another great chance. This time Kawaki is called to take part in one C rank mission next to Shikadai and Chocho, whose paths have temporarily separated from those of Inojins.

The trio has the task of accompanying an eminent personality within the confines of the land of the calm sea, one Mission apparently without difficulty intrinsic, which turns out to be far more complex than expected.

First, Kawaki starts off on the wrong foot and eventually attacks the one he is supposed to protect. But it wasn't until the group left Konoha that the problems came to the surface. When Kawaki finally seems ready to do it act like a real ninja, then a traitor shows up. How will Kawa-Shika-Cho react and will Kawaki be able to make up for Inojin's deficiency?

We welcome you and let you know the first details on the upcoming Boruto theme songs.

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