Last December 10th, Netflix surprisingly announced a new anime series dedicated to Sonic, only to remove the tweet moments after it was released. Today, after a month and a half of waiting, the streaming giant is back on the subject and officially announces the production of a new animated series with the title Sonic Prime.

Sonic Prime will debut later in 2022 and, as the tweet below shows, it will be entirely in 3DCG. Netflix has confirmed that production is in the hands of Wild Brain Studio, an animation studio in Vancouver known for creating the Inspector Gadget animation series, e.g. Man Of Action entertainment, the studio Ben 10 and Big Hero 6, SEGA will supervise the construction.

The official Netflix website reveals that the series will make Sonic discover “a new multiverse” and that the blue hedgehog will learn about himself as he travels and redeem himself for some past promotions. The first season will consist of 24 episodesand will be separated from the 2020 feature film events and other animated series.

Netflix is ​​therefore continuing its series of investments in animation. A few days ago, the US streaming giant announced the anime adaptations of Tomb Raider and King Kong, while the production of an Assassin’s Creed anime was confirmed last October. Given the trend, It is not impossible that more series of great importance will be announced in the near future.

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