The future of Neon Genesis Evangelion Despite Hideaki Anno's words, it's still partly a mystery that he would have finally completed the project had it not been for an alleged desire to narrate those 14 years of emptiness between Eva 2.0 and 3.0. Anyway, while we wait to hear about Studio Khara's next project, we can enjoy a new cosplay.

That's right, after more than a year since it's distribution on Amazon Prime Video and on the big screen, Shin Evangelion is finally here khara is working on a new title again, which we don't know anything about yet, except that he's looking for collaborators. Despite this, the community is far from forgetting the masterpiece of Hideaki year as evidenced by the numerous manifestations of thematic creativity.

These days, in fact, the latest creation of tutia cosplayer with over 30,000 followers who works in collaboration with RubsCohen created oneEva bike. It's a custom bike like an Eva 01 unit on board with Tuti with an exceptional personal interpretation Misato. His work was rated so highly that it went viral in many NGE communities.

And you instead, what do you think of this particular cosplay, do you like it? As usual, please let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate box below.

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