Here we are, in a few hours the eagerly anticipated Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super will be released, finally showing readers the long-awaited new transformation of the Saiyan prince. Several leaks have already surfaced on the net that revealed the new and characteristic design of Vegeta in advance.

The transformation of Vegeta broke the net, with the hashtag all trends came in and thousands of shares of the sensational picture seeped through the net for a long time. However, we have to wait a few more hours to know the dynamics of this force that our hero learned from Beerus, with the appointment for the Chapter 74 is expected at 5 p.m. on Manga Plus.

In this regard is the famous artist DarkHans0 has already taken the opportunity to imagine the colors of this new power-up that seems to recycle an old idea from Super Saiyan 3 news with a focused focus on the colors of the much speculated Super Saiyan Purple.

But in your opinion, are the colors presented by the artist actually realistic? But above all, what is this new transformation about? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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