In the manga Naruto The most skilled ninja in close combat is definitely Rock Lee. Here's how one fan tried to mimic the workout, followed by the powerful guy.

The boy in the green suit may not be able to use ninjutsu or genjutsu, which are magical and illusory arts, but he is unsurpassed in that Taijutsu, the art of hand-to-hand combat. Many fans will remember how the young man became the protagonist of an incredible fight during the. WasExam for the selection of Chunin manage to match the opponent, Gaara.

A memorable aspect of that fight was the unveiling of the training Rock Lee went through. In fact, the boy revealed that he had gods Weights tied at the ankles Once removed, two huge furrows were created in the ground. Free of constraints, the ninja turned out to be extremely faster and got the opponent into trouble.

In one Video uploaded to your YouTube channel With nearly 1.3 million subscribers, Allen Pan tried to follow suit the same type of training as shinobi. The show's fan then put weights around his ankles, albeit much lighter than those shown in the manga, to understand if he could have become as quick as Naruto's friend. Despite some increase in resistance This practice is particularly damaging to the joints.

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