Naruto Like many other anime series, she has never received official LEGO merchandise. For this reason, several fans have recreated some settings with the most famous colored stones in the world, and recently two fans of the ninja presented an unexpected project that is capable of engaging more than 9000 supporters.

As you can see in the video associated with the news, it was presented the incredible set of the legendary Ichiraku Ramen Shop, a meeting point that we have often seen both on the pages of the manga and in the animated implementation of the work of Masashi Kishimoto.

The idea came from DadiTwins and David y Diego Escalona, ​​who shared the video on their YouTube channel. In addition to the models of the characters, which were very well done, the last look seems to recall the limited edition sets signed by LEGO. Given the enthusiasm of many people for the project, The Danish company has decided to consider distributing the set on the market once 10,000 supporters were reached.

Given the current number, it is not long and it would be an incredible event for the anime and manga world to finally succeed establish yourself on the LEGO market with official products. The figures included in the set are: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi Teuchi, Ayame and Iruka, each with two expressions and exclusive accessories.

Recall that Rock Lee came to life in a very faithful cosplay and we leave you a magnificent statue of the ANBU in the Itachi style.

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