Coronavirus has definitely changed some western habits, including that of using masks to limit infections. In Japan, however, this practice has always been there and as a demonstration there are the characters of some manga and anime that appear permanently with masks. Among these there is Naruto's Kakashi Hatake.

Almost nobody really knows what Kakashi is under the mask, at least in the world of Naruto, given that the author Masashi Kishimoto allowed a brief look at the true face of the ninja in a special chapter. During the series indeed Kakashi has not taken off his mask in no case and on this small peculiarity was also based one of the episodes of the anime of Naruto.

Now that the Coronavirus epidemic has conquered the West between Europe and the USA, fans of the manga and anime of Masashi Kishimoto they are clamoring to do just like Kakashi Hatake. It is in fact necessary to wear masks to reduce the infection, preventing those who are asymptomatic carriers from spreading the symptoms to those around them.

And are you already doing like Kakashi? There have been many campaigns both in the West and in the East on the use of masks and social distancing. Doraemon launched the Stay Home campaign, while the author of Cells at Work published a drawing against Covid.

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