Kyoto Animation remembers the victims one year after the tragedy: “They will always be with us”

On July 18, 2019, at 10:30 a.m., a Japanese-born man in his forties lit a fire at Kyoto Animation's headquarters. 36 people died and as many were injured. Today, a year after the event, the study representatives decided to hold a memorial to greet the victims for the last time.

""A terrible accident occurred at this location a year ago"he explained Hideaki Hatta, CEO of the company, "Many incredibly talented people have been robbed of their future. I am sorry and I am speechless. My heart has always been and will always be with them. I want to be able to convey their dreams, hopes and feelings to many other people, especially children. I promise you once again that we will endeavor to move slowly, step by step"Below you can take a look at the place where the monument was held.

In the past year, Hideaki Hatta has held several ceremonies to remember the victims and has repeatedly stressed the importance of acceptance without forgetting the people who have lost their lives. Kyoto Animation recently resumed the setting, e.g. will be fully operational again later this year.

We are waiting to learn more details about the new productions, and remember that the studio has confirmed several times that the new Violet Evergarden film will be released in October, postponed twice and finally ready for the great debut. The credits should include a tribute to the victims of the fire.

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