At the end of September 2022, Yamato Video, in collaboration with Eagle Pictures, launched a new home video edition of Naruto, a series of five prestigious boxes that collect all the first part of the work created by Masashi Kishimoto. However, the second box set encountered some annoying problems.

That Box #2 of the Naruto Blu-ray Edition contains a 24-page booklet and six discs containing episodes 36 through 83 of the first series. contains the same episodes as disc #11 (71-77). According to various reports from users, Yamato Video reacted quickly and fixed the problem.

Yamato Video apologizes for the inconvenience caused and has informed buyers through its official social pages starting today It is possible to exchange the box. Anyone who has purchased "Naruto Second Season Box BD" from the Yamato Shop can request a replacement by sending a private message to the retailer's Instagram account. If the purchase was made on Amazon, you can request a return. Amazon is aware of the issue and will replace it as soon as possible. This also applies to all other authorized dealers.

If you haven't bought the box yet, you can rest easy. Soon "Naruto Second Season Box BD" will be available again in a revised and corrected version in all branches and online shops. The third Naruto box set in Yamato Video's home video edition will be available on November 23rd. We leave you to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Anime Naruto.

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