Naruto Shippuden spawned such a big brand that figures and action figures are constantly being produced. From the cheapest and most affordable to giant statues that cost an arm and a leg, every fan can find the product they like best, also because so many characters are produced.

From the head of Akatsuki Nagato, which was introduced a few months ago, we move on to Statuette of Sasori. The puppeteer is a legendary ninja and known in the land of the wind for his conquests, deadly techniques and skills. The red sand ninja was also one of the first enemies of Naruto Shippuden that Sakura Haruno and old Chiyo faced, including the criminal's grandmother.

In the anime, Sasori uses several dolls but the ones who stand out the most are Hirukoin which he normally limits himself and the Third Kazekage, a user of iron sand. Both dolls stand out along with the original body in the statuette that you can see in the MundoKame tweet below.

Sasori was created by Clouds Studio and is scheduled for early 2021. It is 40 cm high, 25 cm wide and 28 cm deep. It can be pre-ordered at a price of € 265. Will you buy it Instead, another Kakashi character went viral thanks to a fan.

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