One of the most successful narrative elements in the series Naruto is the amount of puzzles and backgrounds of characters that are gradually revealed over the course of the chapters. Among the many examples we find the Alba, Akatsuki organization, which consists mainly of dangerous and experienced ninja and is recognized as level S criminals.

L 'Akatsuki It impressed fans immediately, since the first appearance of Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigake in chapter 139, who are characterized by a seemingly calm and deep trust in their abilities, the members of the Alba organization have always given their opponents a lot of trouble.

Akatsuki was based on a system that was completely independent of the hierarchy and legislation in the various villages The main goal is to make the world a peaceful placeeven if it meant unconventional methods. After Yahiko's death, the leadership of the organization passed to Nagato, who radically changed his approach to achieve this goal.

The XZ Studio has made this special shinobi in honor of this two figures with Pain and Kisameas you can see in the post reported at the bottom of the news. The busts in question are approximately 18 centimeters high and are located on a base with red clouds, the emblem of the Akatsuki, and on the specific ring associated with the characters. The statues can be pre-ordered from a Price of 50 euros eachand will be available before the end of the year.

Recall that Neji Hyuga came back to life thanks to a cosplay and that a beautiful video of Kakashi starring the Chidori went viral.

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