Ryoko Ikeda's masterpiece, Lady Oscar, is a revolutionary work, a series that has fascinated millions of viewers around the world. The work also enjoys extraordinary popularity even in the West, thanks to the fascinating setting borrowed from the talented author.

Even in Italy Lady Oscar is highly appreciated, to the point that Italy 1 cyclically repeats the episodes of the iconic television series. In this regard, we remind you that RW Edizioni has recently stopped publishing the manga due to problems with the Japanese publisher who has not granted rights for the last two volumes of the paper work. The iconic series of Ikeda sensei he didn't have an easy life, despite the resounding success achieved all over the world. Anyway, we will tell you 5 particular curiosities that maybe you don't know about the famous masterpiece:

  • When Lady Oscar was preparing to begin her serialization, Ryoko Ikeda was forced to face her own editor who clearly told her that he would pay half how much a male author earns. The editor explained to her that the choice depended on the fact that, if she got married, it would be her husband's maintenance;
  • Despite the controversy surrounding the issue, a great many women exasperated by the working environment in Japan began to mirror themselves in the rebellious character of Oscar;
  • One of the most famous manga love scenes, one sex scene between Oscar and AndrΓ©, triggered the reactions of parents who began to storm the drafting of phone calls, outraged by the incident. An editor, exasperated by this controversy, invited a mother to read the whole story to know the context of the work and, if he had to say again, he would have been happy to take measures. The editor no longer received any calls;
  • The story of Lady Oscar is inspired by Marie Jeanne Schellinck, a woman who joined the French army in 1972 to participate in the Jemappes clash. Even after marrying his lieutenant, the two continued to participate in military actions until 1808, the year in which they retired to private life;
  • Before the animated adaptation of the manga, a live action film was released in 1978, written and directed by Jacques Demy. The film also arrived in our country with the original cardboard voice actors;

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