Within the whole story of NarutoOrochimaru played a rather ambiguous role in the scene from the beginning until the "Shippuden" saga. As a basic figure for the characterization of Sasuke and as one of the three legendary ninja with Tsunade and Jiraya, he hides several aces up his sleeve.

He was dead and came back to life several times in history, almost like a kind of compensating needle. Eventually, he gave up his plans and the villain character near the Fourth Great Ninja War, where he made the decision to help Sasuke return to life the 4 previous Hokage thanks to the technique of the impure resurrection. In addition, it had the opportunity to do so in its history collide with Itachi where the latter tore him to pieces thanks to the Totsuka sword, the legendary weapon that Orochimaru himself had been looking for for a long time. In that regard, did you know this disturbing detail of the clash between the two?

Anyway Clouds Studio wanted to pay homage to the character through a specific statuette, the same one that you can admire at the end of the news. The character in question that he portrays Orochimaru with the typical Akatsuki clothing With the intention of unleashing his Hydra technique, it is approximately 42 cm high and can be pre-ordered for as little as 440 euros.

And what do you think of this Clouds Studio character? Do you like it? Please let us know as usual in the area reserved for comments.

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